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WE WUZ EUROPEANS: Google Replaces Search Results of Europeans With Black People

Heralded as the king of the internet, Google is the world’s most visited site, boasting approximately 500 million users per month. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, has recently partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to combat right-wing ideologies, leading to the censorship of videos that do not violate their policies. Even the anti-leftist Dr. Jordan Peterson, considered by many to be the “father” of young YouTubers, found that he was unable to upload more videos earlier this week. 

Google is notorious for hashing out pro-SJW rhetoric, even filtering search results and suggestions. But today, as I was browsing my Facebook page, I saw a status about how Google is a little confused when one searches “Europeans in art.” Naturally, I typed the term in my search, and I was not disappointed. 

Naturally, my curiosity led to another Google search: “white couple.” 

Finally, I tried to be as specific as possible in my search terms for my pursuit of an accurate representation of a white man and woman: “white man white woman.” 

It is apparent that Google is censoring that which I want to see: a white couple. How on earth is it that when I search, “white man white woman,” the majority of content that I’m shown are interracial couples? Google is intentionally promoting white genocide; that is, the support for intentionally wiping out the white race, or more specifically, indigenous European peoples. 

Many who express concerns about “reverse racism” against white folk or “white genocide” due to the fact that the recent massive influx of foreign nationals into traditionally European countries means that white people will soon be a minority in their own communities by 2050 are simply laughed off as “xenophobic.” Yet, even Google, one of the world’s most commonly used utilities, reveals that there is a very real presence of anti-whiteness presence in the world. 

Google is greatly confused, as evidenced in the above image search results, and is unwilling to accurately portray Europeans in art as they have realistically been: white. Likewise, there is evidently so much disdain and fear towards white couples and families that Google has opted to replace search results concerning white families with the exact opposite. As YouTube and Google continue to censor anything remotely pro-white, anti-multiculturalist, nationalist, or traditional, there are rumors that Steve Bannon, the White House Chief Strategist, is lurking in the shadows, attempting to turn social media (and presumably search engines) into a public utility. 

Such, however, is the legacy of progressivism: to abandon reality in pursuit of an unachievable utopia, wherein everyone who disagrees with leftist ideals are shamed and silenced. The white man, personifying the emblem of European identity and success, is demonized by the media for his skin color and heritage. But when does the demonization of whites end? Will it ever end, or will native Europeans and other white populations be demonized out of existence? Only time will tell. 

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